For all of the latest information for this year’s event go to our 2019 event information in these pages.

Will the field be muddy? It is a field and the event is in November so we suggest you wear sturdy footwear, and there is a distinct possibility of mud, especially if it has been raining. The field does have some lumps and bumps on it so we advice people to be aware of this when moving about the site.

What happens if it rains? You may get wet… Wear a waterproof and wrap up warm. We won’t cancel the event on account of rain/inclement weather, but we do reserve the right to not set off the fireworks or light the bonfire if there are safety concerns.

Can I get in on the night? Usually there is space to turn up and get in on the night, but there is no guarantee of this, so we advise getting a ticket.

Can I bring alcohol onto site? No. We have a licensed bar on site for your drinking pleasure but you are not allowed to bring your own.

Can I bring in Sparklers? Strictly NO. This is for insurance reasons – no matter how careful you think you can be, there is a risk at an event with loads of people around.

Cancellations & Refunds – if we cancel the event then we will offer full refunds. We will not offer refunds if the event goes ahead, and we cannot offer refunds if, for safety reasons, we do not light the bonfire or fireworks.